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Liam H. Dooley is an Irish-American author living in Europe. He has a passion for history and traveling. Most of his time is spent touring the world, visiting culturally museums, buildings, monuments, and grand squares in search of knowledge and inspiration. As a child and university student he played the cello while studying international relations, and when he is not researching and writing novels or planning trips he immerses himself in current events and international affairs. You may learn more about Liam H. Dooley at his official web site:

The Warthog of Tomorrow : The A-1000

The Warthog of Tomorrow : The A-1000 Or Designing Tomorrow’s A-10 Thunderbolt II / Warthog Anti-Tank Close Air Support Aircraft. Two A-10’s fly over France to celebrate the anniversary of D-Day. The A-10 on the left is painted to commemorate … Continue reading

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Ethiopia travel video

Here is my latest travel video, of Ethiopia.  Primarily Lalibela and Tigray. Ethiopia has a fascinating religious history and follows relatively strict, old Orthodox Christian practices.  The country experiences all-too-frequent power outages, has some unpaved roads which compel one to … Continue reading

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Book review: Battlefield Ukraine

BOOK REVIEW BATTLEFIELD UKRAINE: by James Rosone and Miranda Watson Battlefield Ukraine is the type of novel I would not mind writing – and perhaps I will write one day.  So this is a high compliment (IMHO).  After over fifteen … Continue reading

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My YouTube Channel

Dear blog friends, I’ve added a page for my YouTube channel, which has a bunch of 1080p travel videos from around the world (mostly Asia for the moment).  Enjoy! My YouTube Page

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Operation Kaki Blue – An ASEAN War Short Story

My latest short story! Read here, or download!  Free for distribution. This is a short story about the breakout of war in Southeast Asia. Download Here: OPERATION KAKI BLUE.PDF Four hours and thirty minutes: that was how long it would be … Continue reading

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I have just entered a competition to propose ideas to NASA as part of their NASAiTech program.  My proposal is a study to identify and plan for an anti-matter propulsion infrastructure.  You can read the abstract below, and download the … Continue reading

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Paws in Persia – A Photo Illustrated Short Story

In celebration of the passing (which is really the non-annulment) of the Iran nuclear agreement, I have written a short story that incorporates cats, traveling, and international politics. And some nice photos taken by me! Enjoy…whether or not you agree … Continue reading

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New Blog Theme

Since I really don’t have so much to say about wine…it’s all good, though some is better than others – I have decided to change the blog to “warfare”.  Why?  First, because I needed a theme that started with a … Continue reading

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Tehran, the Nuclear Deal, and The Holy Diamond

Just a week ago the the P5+1(+0.5) and the Islamic Republic of Iran signed a deal to limit the IR of Iran’s nuclear facilities, production capabilities, and potential to develop a nuclear weapon / limitations on the potential to have … Continue reading

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The Holy Diamond Now (Finally) on iTunes/iBook!

The Holy Diamond is now on Apple’s iTunes and iBooks!  It took me ages to figure out the correct formatting, the uploading process, and all that dull, administrivia stuff but it’s finally done! All you have to do is search … Continue reading

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