Liam H Dooley Travel Videos

Hello folks! As an aspiring writer and global nomad, I am always on the search for new stories, inspiration, scenes, settings, and experiences.  As a result I do my best to travel all over the world.  It wasn’t until relatively recently, however, that I learned how to use video editing tools (Apple iMovie), and also felt that I had enough storage space on my camera and my computers to store video.  But it’s all set now!

I have edited all of the videos to highlight the key points of the trip, providing still images, panoramic videos, and descriptive text as necessary.  Also, there is specially selected music!  All of the videos and photos are in HD 1080p.

Here is a catalog of my videos.

My YouTube Channel (click here for link).

For some of the videos, click on the text below:

Bhutan: A short tour

Kuang Si Waterfalls / Luang Prabang, Laos


Mongolia: a week-long tour