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If you are wondering, the Blog Banner Photo is of Nuremberg, Germany, taken by me on a beautiful sunny, October day.  This photo is taken from the area near the Albrecht Dürer house looking northeast towards the Kaiserburg, or Nuremburg Castle.  The castle is in the center, on the hill, with one of the city wall’s towers on the far left.  Here is another view of the tower below.


(Photo: Liam H. Dooley)


About Liam H Dooley

Liam H. Dooley is an Irish-American author living in Asia and Europe. He has a passion for history and traveling. Most of his time is spent touring the world, visiting museums, iconic buildings, monuments, and grand squares in search of knowledge and inspiration. As a child and university student he played the cello while studying international relations, and when he is not researching and writing novels or planning trips he immerses himself in current events and international affairs. You may learn more about Liam H. Dooley at his official web site:
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